The World in our Hands

I believe the world today is in a frightening shape, and in many critical areas the change direction is for the worse.

I believe immediate action is sorely needed. Every day of waiting is a day lost. It’s going to cost us, and the price is going to be #2xpnsiv.

I believe the less expensive option is to act and invest now.

I believe we need to change the social norms. Eco-friendly needs to become the norm, not the hero choice. Eco-villain needs to become socially unacceptable.

I believe it’s time for the people to act. Scientists and politicians have done what they can.

I believe in changes in many small steps. Let’s not make big promises on January 1, instead we will challenge ourselves a little every week.

I believe everyone can do something. By adapting the change to the climate career level each one of us is on, taking a small step from there will be easy. Then repeat.

I believe many improvers are better than a few heroes. Heroes need to lead the way, but it’s the number of improvers that count for change.

I believe people can influence business, media and politics. We get what we demand, in business, in media and politics. If 20% ask for it, it will be there for us.

I believe the world isn’t black and white. No matter what the media says, it’s not heroes vs. villains. We’re all somewhere in the gray. Rather be ¾ vegetarian for two months than 100% vegetarian for one.

I believe being part of the future is cool & sexy.

I believe we can live better with fewer things. Do we really need 25 pair of shoes and plastic toys with every meal? Do I need to own a car, or is it transportation I need?

I believe we can live better lives with less plastics. Plastic bags. Plastic cups. Plastic covers around the fruit. Plastic clothes. Plastic shoes. Plastic tyres. Plastic cigarette butts. Plastic water bottles.

I believe businesses can make eco-friendlier products.

I believe products and services need to be priced with the full lifecycle and environmental cost.

I believe littering is like peeing in the street. Simply disgusting.

I believe we can save energy. And much of it.


What do you believe?

We are live!

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